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My Bio

I live in Ohio, on the banks of Deer Creek. I am a fly fishing fanatic, and I love fishing for warm water fish, specifically Sunfish species. I prefer to fish with ultralight fly tackle, as I feel that it is more fun to use light tackle when fishing for Sunfish. I started building my own rods in 2008 and it's something I can't seem to give up. I probably have too many rods, but it's been a great learning experience, and it sure is fun.

  Check out my Ultralight Fly Fishing Forum, there is great content and super nice folks with a good deal of Ultralight fly fishing experience.

I am also a contributing writer for Fly Fish Ohio. Be sure to check out the latest articles.

Rod Building

Some of the rods I've built.

Sage TXL 7'10" 2wt.

Matrix 6'6" 2wt.

Matrix Closeup of grip and seat.

Pac Bay Tradition II 6'6" 2wt.


Lamiglas "Honey glass" 7' 3pc, 3wt. ( 2 pics )

This is a TFO S-Glass rod I built for Les (Keebranch) It's a 6'9" 5/6wt.

Another angle of the TFO S-Glassimage

Batson RX7 9' 3wt.

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